Incident Reporting Software

As part of an incident reporting system, common incident report forms include:

Injury Report, Near Miss Report, Corrective Actions, Property Damage, Environmental Incidents, Health and Hygiene, Flu Symptoms Report, COVID-19 Incident, Emergency Management Software, Security Incident, Contractor Incidents, Vehicle Accident Report and Staff Incidents. We've also launched a special coronavirus COVID-19 incident management platform and a Hazard Identification System.

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Incident Report System

A incident report system is a management process around the reporting of an incident and the workflows around managing the incident ranging from corrective actions, risk controls, hazard report, investigation and sign off.

Incident Report App


Comprehensive Incident Reporting Software for creating and maintaining an incident reporting registry online.

Tools to setup a custom accident report system for your workplace to manage all aspects of an incident report process and create custom workflows.

Incident Management system as part of your safe work plan and WHS Software.

Platform to manage risks with a Risk Register, Risk Assessment and Risk Matrix.

Safety Management Platform with forms, registries, reporting and alerts.

Ready to go forms and templates such as a Issue Register, First Aid Register and Defect Management.


Hit the ground running with all our Incident Report form templates and registries or create / load up your own

Mobile Incident Reports so that staff can access and report from the field / while on site from their phone or tablet

Full safety management platform

Injury Management System

Accident Report System

Custom Incident Reporting Software where you can create industry and organization specific forms, registries and reporting

Web and mobile incident tools to ensure your workforce have the platform and tools to report incidents in real-time

Incident report form templates

Site Inspection Software

Risk Matrix

What is a Corective Action?

What is a Safety Observation?

What is Incident Reporting

An Incident Reporting process is about capturing the details of an incident such as a safety incident, security, property damage, near miss or safety observation and submitting them to a nominated contact for follow up. This process can lead to identifying the risks, failures and hazards that led to the incident and result in applying improvements to avoid future incident reports. An Incident Report can be in relation to any type of incident occurance. The follow on process typically involves a corrective action, investigation, hazard report and review. Incident Reporting is an important part of every organization for awareness, recording and action relating to near miss incidents, injuries, safety observations, corrective actions and follow up procedures to ensure people work and remain safe in the workplace (What is Incident Reporting?).

With an Incident Reporting portal and using the Incident Report app, your workforce can report all types of incidents as they happen in real-time giving you deep insights into the workplace, incident root cause analysis and implement change into your organization.

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Can you establish you're running the best Incident Report System?

- Provide evidence you maintain a registry of all incidents that happen
- Do you investigate all incidents and have a process to record incidents including near miss reporting?
- How do you manage the safety of contractors you may engage and any incidents they are involved in?
- Do you encourage a culture of reporting all types of incidents and near misses?
- Do you have a Return to Work Plan, manage Workers Comp Insurance or Self Insurance - Do you have mechanisms for staff to easily report security incidents, property damage, environmental management, bullying or harrassment and other types of workplace incidents
- Do you maintain a hazard reporting registry?
- Do you carry out safety inspections and audits?
- Do you have an EHS Platform with an EHS report form and registry?

Using our Incident Report Software you can establish all of these areas digitally with online incident report forms, registries, reporting dashboarding, notifications and custom workflows using an online incident reporting tool and incident reporting app. Establish an Incident Reporting Procedure for your organization with supporting tools to report and manage different types of incidents.

Create custom workflows for your Incident Reporting System

Create different custom incident workflows that are engaging and streamlined. From forms that lead to specific notifications, escalations and feedback through to other reminder, nudges and follow up rules. Self build any incident workflow. Ensure different forms have follow up forms completed i.e. that an incident report is followed up with a hazard report, investigation or corrective action.

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Environmental Management Software

Manage Environmental Incidents, Collect Records & Management System

Check out our guide, tips and setup for Environmental Management Software

Safety Management System

Safety Management platform for your workplace

A full end to end workplace safety software, safe work plan and safety management platform

Incident Reporting Trends

Deep metrics on your incident history

We've launched a new trends and metrics dashboard for a deep dive and due diligence on your incident history


Manage incidents more effectively with an incident report system to capture incidents that occur in real time and then follow them through with a Hazard Report, Corrective Action, Investigation, Risk Assessment, Safety Observation and even create your own forms and processes.

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