Published 04/27/2024


An Incident Reporting app is a safety critical tool for helping ensure your staff, contractors or anyone else working or engaged by or your organisation has the tool to report when something goes wrong. This might range from reporting an injury in the workplace through to a security incident, property damage, environmental incident or even a bullying and harassment or discrimination incident.

The Incident Report app enables people to quickly report the details, take a photo and report what has occurred in real-time in the field as the incident occurred. It's important that staff, volunteers, contractors or anyone engaged by an organisation have the tool to report incidents themselves in their own words.

Ranked number one on the app store for 'Incident Reporting', download and report incidents as they happen on site and in the field. Enable your staff to capture incidents in real-time, capture a photo, record the details and submit to relevant workplace contacts.

Setup your forms on the Incident Reporting app

Incident Report App for submitting all type of incident forms
Report all types of incidents such as injury or illness incidents, security incidents, property damage, near misses, safety observations, corrective actions and hazards.

Other types of incidents might include security incidents, property damage, environmental, quality or near miss/close call incidents too through to general safety observations.

Setup different incident forms for different role types
Supervisors and managers could see one set of incident forms, employees and contractors another set

Assign to team members to receive Incident Reports
Assign to team members with live notifications and escalations, submit corrective actions and even options to create custom created incident forms and more

Mobile or Tablet Incident Report app is available on both Apple and Android.

A traditional incdient reporting workplace process for an incident report is that when an incident happens, the details will be reported to a safety officer who then records it onto their incident management system. With an incident reporting app the staff on the front line can report incidents straight from their phone or tablet, as they happen. Capture photos, record the details, in their own words, at the time of the incident, as it happened! Collect witness statements and record critical details as of the incident occurrence itself.

Not only will having such a tool help minimize the risk of accidents or hazards, but it also offers numerous other benefits. For example, by having all safety incidents logged onto a single platform, it's easier to review them and identify recurring issues so that appropriate measures can be taken in order to prevent future occurrences. Additionally, with the help of analytics tools integrated with the app, employers can track the trends associated with specific incidents and better manage their preventive measures against further mishaps.

An Incident Reporting app allows for quick documentation of any incidents and even provide images or videos if necessary which can be immensely helpful if needed for investigation purposes.

Create a culture of reporting by enabling your workforce to report incidents of all different types directly from their pocket. Even other form types can be setup too from inspections to safety walk bys.

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Nothing beats the truth, enabling your staff, contractors and even visitors to record what happened, when it happened can ensure that the full incident is captured as it happened. Photos, witness statements, ensure that every type of incident is recorded, all from the incident reporting app.

Live Safety Reporting
How much more real-time can you get than when the incident happens!
Mobile Incident Reporting App on Tablet or Phone
Incident Reporting App on iPhone and Android

Incident Report Forms
For all types of incidents, injuries, property damage, security, illness, near miss
Generate Reporting and Metrics
Deep dive into causes and trends


The best part of the incident reporting app is that you can launch your own custom forms on it. Every organisation has different requirements, create your own custom incident report form fields so that staff can submit the site specific information you actually need to capture, specific to your sites, departments and roles.


For supervisors or managers in the field they might see one set of incident forms, other staff can be assigned to see another. For example inspections, audits or leadership safety walks for managers or other special staff types versus security incidents, injuries, near misses and property damage for other staff types.


It's never been easier for staff, everyone has a smart phone in their pockets, all they need to do is load the app and capture the incident as it happens. Ensure all role types are incident ready and armed with the app, including all employee types, contractors and visitors.


Create a reporting culture so that all types of accidents are reported from near misses and close calls through to an injury. Enable staff to report and capture all category of incident in real-time quickly and easily in the fiel directly from their pocket using their phone or via a tablet. Quickly capture the core details of what happened, why did it happen, what could be done to prevent this happening again through to capturing a photo or recording witnesses.


Using the Incident Report app, users can take a photo using their phone's camera of what happened. This might be a photo of property damage or an injury that has occurred. Multiple photos might be captured and help with identifying why happened, why it happened and enable an organisation to implement actions and change to try and prevent this type of incident happening again.


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