Published 19/01/2022
Workplace safety software is best served with a collection of initiatives around prequalification, verification, engagement, management, performance, analysis and prevention. Best practice workplace software combines all these areas into a single centralised, end to end platform.

Prequalification and verification is about the review and approval of safety documentation, materials, licenses and risks, especially around contractors and suppliers who are providing work to your workplace. Engagement comes down to how you engage employees, contractors and visitors into your workplace to ensure they work safely. Management and performance are linked around the work they are doing in your workplace and to ensure they are doing it safely. Analysis and prevention are the discovery and lessons learned to ensure when things go wrong, you can ensure that corrective actions are put in place to reduce the risk of them happening again.

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Prequalification and verification
The first step is prequalification of the previous safety history, risks, licenses and certifications (typically of the contractor or supplier). this involves having them go through an extensive prequalification questionnaire covering an in depth due diligence around their safety history and risks. Questions are asked about their previous notifiable breaches, safety injury history, evidence of current safety policies and procedures that are in place, systems they have for managing their own safety and an overall review of their risk and performance history in order to determine if you really want this organisation working on site in your workplace. As part of this stage, insurances might be provided for proof of compliance, relevant copies of training and license certifications.

The engagement of contractors, employees or visitors starts with a workplace safety induction. This will ensure they go through a comprehensive safety orientation about everything they need to know about working on site at your workplace. Typically it should cover important safety topics such as code of conduct, safety procedures, site access, hazards to be aware of, safety policies, site contacts and emergency procedures. All staff no matter what role they are in should go through a safety orientation before they step foot on site in your workplace. Safety induction is the first step to engagement of new staff and it ensures they important safety knowledge is understood in order to prevent incidents from happening. Staff should be kept up to date as well with annual re-inductions. Workplaces change, new hazards emerge, its important everyone is re-inducted to ensure they are up to date.

Management and performance
Once they have tarted working in your organisation, how do you manage their ongoing performance? measuring work order response, work activities, incident history, severity of incidents, near misses, safety observations, hazards and all activity relating to their time in the workplace that might result in an increased risk level and overall performance review of their safety that might lead to reconsidering their currently assigned tasks, job role design and safety risk in your workplace. Ultimately, for contractors and suppliers, its this category that determines should they remain a preferred contractor or supplier?

Analysis and prevention
Understanding all these areas is extremely complex and comprehensive. It's constantly changing and important to ensure you use solid end to end workplace safety software to perform a full analysis of all safety metrics, injury root causes, incidents, near misses, safety observations, hazards, risks, corrective actions, investigations, audits, inspections and more. It's from these metrics that prevention can be achieved, to learn from the past to prevent future occurrences from happening again. To have foresight of what might go wrong before it happens and prevent it.


Using our end to end platform, you can address all the above areas from start fo finish

New Staff Engagement
Whether it be contractors, employees or visitors, ensure everyone is safety ready
Prequalify and Verify
Verify everything they are providing, ensuring they have been safety prequalified

Manage Incidents
For all incident types from injuries, property damage, security, near misses, safety observations and more
Generate Reporting and Metrics
Understand rood causes, trends, predictive suggestions and make changes to your workplace


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