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Near miss reporting is about recording near miss incidents that could have been a more serious incident but only resulted in a close call or near miss. This could be a near miss safety incident, a close call property damage or other similar type of near miss where a more serious incident almost or could have occurred. Capturing and understanding near misses in the workplace can lead to prevention of far more serious incidents from happening. Understanding the root causes and risks of near misses is a major strategy to prevention and mitigation of serious safety incidents. We go over below the best practice near miss report form templates and platform for a near miss reporting system in the workplace.

Near Miss Incident Reporting Registry
With a near miss incident reporting registry, a record of all past and currently open near miss incidents allows you to view the previous details of what near misses occurred. The idea here is to identify trends and root causes in order to identify risks in the workplace and action those in order to prevent more serious incidents from happening.

In a near miss reporting registry, you might capture what the details are of the near miss, date, time, site or location. Who was involved, what causes the near miss, how close a call was it, what actions were taken and how likely is it to happen again.

Near Miss Report form
There can be different types of near miss report forms and setting up specific report forms up for each type of near miss is important to ensure you capture the specific fields for that type of incident. You might have a near miss report form for a contractor, employee or visitor injury in the workplace or you might have a near miss report form specifically for property damage or vehicle related near miss incidents.

Mobile or Tablet
With staff in the field and on site, near misses happen all the time and so its critical to ensure that all staff, across all types of roles have the tools and ability to report a near miss as it happens in the workplace. Capturing the details when discovered or at occurrence and taking down immediate near miss occurrence or observation details, including capturing photographic evidence is critical for ensuring near misses are captured in real time in the workplace as they happen.


For an overview of best practice near miss incident reporting system workflow, here are several core components to consider when designing your near miss reporting process.

Live Near Miss Reporting
Ensuring all front line workers and staff from all role types have the ability to report near miss incidents as they happen in the workplace. Mobile based near miss reporting being the best way to implement this (via smart phone or tablet). Most workers carry a smart phone in their pocket!
Live Near Miss Registries
Real time near miss registries give you the ability to compile and understand the trends and root causes of near misses directly leading to prevention of more serious incidents

Multiple Near Miss Form Types
For all types of near misses, injuries, property damage, risks
Deep Reporting and Metrics
Deep dive into near miss causes and trends


No two organisations are the same, it's critical that your near miss incident report forms reflect your specific workplace and the unique fields and custom requirements of your workforce. Using our special near miss report form builder, you can create your own custom near miss incident report forms. Alternatively, we've got a library of near miss templates to click and pick from and then customise to suit your workforce and workplace.


Try out the demo above and see how your near miss incident report form process looks via our dedicated incident reporting platform. You can also access our form library of report form templates, see sample fields and more.

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