A full suite of incident management tools, guides and templates to bring you the ultimate in incident reporting and incident management technologies. From report forms and registries through to deep intelligence and insights, compliance tools and management and claims management.

Custom design and deploy incident forms
Using our incident reporting platform, you can customise and easily deploy any type of incident report form, registry and workflow. Create custom registries and forms such as an emergency management registry.

Mobile Incident Reporting Platform
Mobile incident reporting app so that your front line workers, contractors and staff can report incidents in real-time as incidents happen. Capture near misses, hazards and more from the front line.

Safety Management System
A full end to end workplace safety software, safe work plan and safety management platform

Injury Management Software
Best setup and what to include when building out your Injury Management Software

Claims Management Software
Platform to help you for Personal Injury Claims Management

Accident Reporting Software
Guide, setup and what to include for an accident report system

Hazard Identification System
Reporting and managing hazards in the workplace

Non Conformance Report
Guide to managing a non conformance report and Non Conformance Software

Risk Register Software
Setting up a risk register

Return to Work Plan
What is a return to work plan and the common features to include

Compliance Reporting
Setup, overview, what is it and why is it important

Workers Compensation Software
Managing workers comp claims and self insurance.

Managing Corrective Actions
Forms, registries and more on Corrective Action Reporting

Environmental Management Software
Guide, setup and tips for registries, forms and workflows for an EHS Platform

Issue Registry
What to include and examples for managing an Issue Register

Defect Management
Managing defects and how to track Defect Reports

WHS Software
Guide, setup and tips

Contractor Safety Management Software
5 features to include

First Aid Registry

Psychosocial Hazard Reporting
Top 10 best fields to ask on a to include a Psychosocial Hazard Report form

Injury Reporting
Injury incident report form and registry

Property Damage Report

Property damage reports and property damage registry

Near Miss Report

Report near misses and prevent a more serious incident

Security Incident Report

Security incident registry and forms
including Cyber Security Incident Report

Safety Observation

Form to report safe and unsafe observations

Environmental Incidents

Environmental breach incidents and registry


How to write a Hazard Report
What is a Corrective Action
What is an Incident Report
What is a Safety Observation
How to setup an EHS Platform
How to write a Field Inspection Report

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