Incident Report Forms: Best Incident Management Forms

Top 10 Incident Report Forms: Best Incident Management Forms

Here we talk about and list the best incident management form design, setup and guides. Here is a list of the top 10 and most common incident report forms and templates to use. It includes the fields and questions you would commonly ask. Try our incident builder to edit the form templates and use them in your workplace. Using these incident report templates, you can further update and change the form fields to suit your specific industry, organisation and requirements online using our form builder. For every type of incident report form you might need in the workplace for your incident management plan and workflows, you could create an online one that could also be mobile based or even off a QR code.
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Incident Report Form

The core incident management form for reporting an incident

Near Miss Report

Reporting near misses can lead to preventing injuries and more serious incidents in the workplace

Hazard Report Form

Identify the hazard, root causes and hazard actions

Property Damage Incident Report Form

Property damage incidents in the workplace

Security Incident Reporting

For when security incidents happen

Environment Incident Report Form

Report environmental incidents and breaches

Vehicle Incident Report Form

Vehicle specific incidents and accidents

Corrective Action Form

For the management of corrective actions

Health and Hygiene Report

Managing health and hyginene reports in the workplace

Safety Audit Template

What to include and examples and safety audit forms

Safety Observation Reporting

Reporting safe and unsafe observations

Site Inspection Software

Manage site inspections online

Example Incident Report Form

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Most Popular Incident Report Form Templates

- Incident Report Form

- Hazard Report Form

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From Incident Forms to Incident Workflows

As part of setting up different incident report forms, commonly you will establish different incident report workflows where one incident form leads to another or a library of work health and safety forms. For example, when your users submit an injury report form or a security incident, enabling a systemised approach of follow on forms that need to be completed as a next step. i.e. a corrective action form or a hazard report form needs to be filled out and completed next and an incident report registry for managing incidents through to a root cause analysis for investigating incidents.

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