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Published 29/01/2022


Accidents happen occasionally and they are always so unfortunate. Different workplaces have property damage incident report forms that are specifically for recording details of unusual property-related damages that occur at residential or commercial facilities. The purpose of these reports is to document the exact details of the occurrences in the workplace when they're still fresh in the minds of the individuals who witnessed the event in question. These forms must be filled out as soon as the incident occurs but after the situation has stabilized to capture the accurate details into the report as possible. Those who are intending to get insurance claims should have these incident forms filled explaining what happened to prove their rights to be covered.

Features of a Property Damage Incident Report
What do you do when an incident happens in the organization's workplace? Do you record all the important details to ensure that you'll have that information soon whenever it's needed? Generally, it's very important for an organization to efficiently and easily create reports when reporting any type of incident. The details amounts that go into incident reporting in your organization depends on different factors such as the size of the organization, the organization's claim frequency, etc.

Here are the various details that should be included in an incident report form.

- Pictures of the property damage and the area
- The time and date the damage occurred
- Where the incident happened
- Video surveillance footages of the incident
- A brief description of the incident
- Description of the damages that resulted
- The risk mitigation techniques used to prevent that type of incidences
- Names and contacts of all the witnesses and parties involved

Types of Property Damage Incidences That Can Be Reported
Property damages may be as a result of or caused by wind, fire, explosions, rain, snow, ice, freezing, mechanical breakdowns, theft, and vandalism. The property that's prone to damage in the workplace involves the organization's equipment, tools, structures, inventory, furniture, and cash. Once damages occur at the workplace, it is important to document the events leading to the incidents to implement a corrective action plan to prevent such events from reoccurring. Examples of the various types of property damages in the workplace that you might want to report include:
- Broken cables
- Crash and collisions of the organization's vehicles
- An explosion within the organization's premises
- Theft of the organization's property
- Fire incident that has occurred within the organization offices
- Collapse of scaffoldings

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Property Incident Reporting App

Staff can be armed with a tool to report property damage incidents in real-time as they happen, capturing photos and information they observe or witness. The staff in the workplace needs to be able to submit incidents as they have occurred. Throw the papers away and get on board with the incident report app which will give a real-time notification to the responsible parties.

This app greatly reduces the time spent on documenting incidents. With it, you just open the app on your tablet, smartphone, or computer and professionally document an incident within minutes. The incident reports generated using this app are professional and comprehensive with all the relevant information.

Incidents are usually the top predictors of claims and documenting them every time they occur usually helps in cases where the incidences turn into claims. It will also be impossible to protect yourself from legal liabilities or fully explain how the damages occurred to the other members in the organization if you do not have a detailed incident report.

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