Incident Reporting is the process of capturing, recording and managing an incident occurrence such as in injury, property damage or security incident. It typically involves completing an incident report form when an incident occurrence has happened and following it up with additional incident follow on forms such as an investigation, corrective action, hazard report and sign off. These follow on forms ensure that the incident occurrence causes are investigated to potentially mitigate and aim to prevent the same type of incident from happening again. This might involve discovering hazards in the workplace or implementing new risk management or training processes to help staff understand the root causes of what happened in order to prevent it from happening again. An Incident Report form might be completed by the staff involved in the incident that occurred or it might be completed by a safety manager on their behalf.

Why do we need Incident Reporting
Incidents of all sorts and sizes occur, from property damage in the workplace, to accidents, injuries or illnesses. It's critical that in all workplaces staff are empowered to report incidents that happen using an incident report form. when staff report incidents, they are directly contributing to potentially preventing a future incident from happening again. It allows the organisation to properly investigate and establish checks, procedures and implement risk controls in response to what has happened.

What happens when you don't report incidents?
If you don't report incidents that happen, the same type of incident might happen again. The opportunity to analyse what happened, how, why, what could have stopped it and the root causes and factors involved are all lost if the full details of the incident are not recorded. No matter how small an incident is, everything should be reported. The small stuff can prevent the big stuff from happening!


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