During this difficult time across the world, it's critical that workplaces have incident management systems in place for the identification, management and investigation of coronavirus COVID-19 incidents in the workplace. Using a COVID-19 incident management system, when a staff member, contractor or visitor becomes a suspected or confirmed case, a coronavirus COVID-19 incident report can be logged triggering an investigation, follow ups, risk controls, contact tracing and corrective actions.

Staff can also use a COVID-19 incident report form to capture incidents where they believe or suspect a potential COVID-19 related incident such as potential contact, potential exposure or a COVID-19 hazard or workplace risk.

Ensure all staff can report COVID-19 incidents in the workplace
Empower all contractors, employees and even visitors to be able to report a COVID-19 incident, near miss, potential exposure or hazard in the workplace. Give everyone the ability to report these types of incidents and capture every type of potential or actual COVID-19 incident risk across your workplace.

COVID-19 Incident Report Form
Setup a custom coronavirus exposure / COVID-19 incident report form specific to your industry, workplace or site. Capture the details around contacts, travel history, flu like symptoms, hazards and potential exposure to identify every possible chance or risk that there has been a COVID-19 occurrence or risk in your workplace.

Incident Management
Once a report is logged, ensure it is followed up with a COVID-19 corrective action, an investigation form, hazard report and any sign of processes you need to establish for your specific requirements

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