Online incident reporting registry tool for creating an incident report registry of open and closed incidents.

It's important for all workplaces to maintain a registry of incidents that have happened. It's a fact that incidents happen, but how you manage them is what can lead to the prevention of future incidents and ensuring the proper care and management is undertaken for those involved in an incident that happened in your workplace or sites. Typically, incidents in the workplace might involve a member of the public, contractors, visitors and of course your employees.

The Incident Reporting Registry is not just a historical list of what was captured and when, it's best practice to have a real-time live registry of incidents, a live log of what's happened, why and tools to follow up, action and investigate to try and establish measures to ensure the incident won't happen again. Commonly the types of incidents that you would have on a registry include injuries, property damage, security incidents and environmental. But you might also maintain a registry of safety observations, near misses or other related safety registries as well.


Example fields you would have on an incident registry include: name of person affected, company they are from, the site the incident occured, the date of incident, the date it was logged, by whom, short details of what happened and links to follow up processes such as the related hazard report, the full incident report itself, the corrective action and any escalation and notification details.

Who does the incident report relate to? Name, phone email, company
Where has the incident occured? site, exact location, region

When did the incident occur? Date, Time
How has the incident occured? causes, incident details

What immediate actions were taken? by whom, how, when, why
Is this a notifable incident? who has been notified? escalation?

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