Best 10 Incident Report Forms
The best Incident Report form templates to use in the field

1: Injury Report Form

Report safety and workplace injuries

The injury report form is used for reporting an injury in the workplace. You would commonly ask for the injury details such was it an injury in the workplace or illness and what were the details of the occurance. The form would look at what happened, why it happened and what can be done to prevent it from occurrig again? What job activity or task was being performed by the worker when the injury happened and what actions were taken to prevent it? The form will also look at the factors involved, the injury severity and if an employee, was there time lost from the work shift? With the injury itself, what body part was injured, mechanism of injury and nature of the injury.

2: Hazard Report Form

Report hazards in the workplace

The hazard report form is about capturing new hazards that are present in a workplace and establishing a register of existing hazards and what to do when working with them. All staff, contractors and visitors working in a workplace need to have the ability to capture and identify hazards that they witness or encounter as part of their job task or working in a workplace. They also need access to a hazard registry that is updated with the latest new hazards discovered and information about how to work safely with those hazards. A hazard form might include what type of hazard was encountered, how was it identified, where, when, its risks and controls.

3: Security Report Form

Manage security incidents

The security incident report form would be used for physical security incidents through to security breaches, surveillance and security breache incidents. It would include fields around the type of security incident that has occured, details of the security breach, location, security incident date, time it happened, factors involved, police report details, who was notified, witnesses and actions taken.

4: Near Miss Report Form

Capture near miss reports

The near miss report covers incidents wherean injury might have occurred or was a close call. By reporting a near miss, it could prevent further harm or damage by identifying how the near miss happened and what might have led to a more serious incident. it could directly prevent the same incident happening again. It might capture what happened, what could have happened and been more serious and what could be done to prevent this.

5: Safety Observation Form

Capture safety observations

The safety observation report captures safe or unsafe observations within a workplace, site or project. It might involve contractors, employees or visitors. What activity was unsafe and what was the activity was safe? What safety recommendations should be made and what changes or suggestions should there be?

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Best Incident Report Form Tips and Design

Guide to creating the best Incident Report form

Incident Report forms should be kep simple and easy for users to quickly complete Contractors, employees and visitors need to be able to complete forms quickly and easily in the field while working in their job or workplace activity when an incident occurs.

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