Incident Management Registry

An incident management registry is listing of all incidents that have occured and the tools to follow them up with investigations and actions. The types of incident registries might include injury incidents, security, property damage, environmental, near miss incidents and vehicle incidents. Commonly, an incident registry might tie in a hazard report to ensure that each incident has a subsequent hazard report logged to investigate risks and the hazards that caused the incident in the first place.

What to include in an incident registry

Typically the incident registry contains details of the incident ID, date logged, type of incident, severity, description of incident and then the tools and forms to follow the incident up, investigate it, assign actions and sign off on it fo closure.

Best way to manage an incident registry

Paper based registries are the old archiac way of rmanaging an incidnet registry. In the modern fast paced workplace, an online digitial registry is more effective. With an online registry, you can ensure real-time and remote management of incidents as well as setting up permissions where certain incidents are only visible based on site, location, department or other custom management levels. With an online incident registry, additional forms and workflows can be tied into the registry to ensure consistant follow up of incidents with forms such as corrective actions and hazard reports.

Try creating your own Incident Registry process:

Try creating your own incident registry and workflow
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